With our cloud-based POS system in Australia, administrative, management, and marketing tasks are now made easy. Simplify your business tasks with BIG POS


With our cloud based POS system Australia, administrative, management, and marketing are made easy. Let BIG POS software simplify your tasks.

Our Features

All of our comprehensive POS systems provide fundamental features that are beneficial to any business.

Business Reporting & Insights

BIG POS collects all the data from your daily operations and automatically provides data analytics and reports.

Customer Insights & Experience

BIG POS collects buying history data and basic customer information to help us understand our clients' needs.

Employee Management

BIG POS can assist, manage and simplify all areas of employees' operations effectively.

Inventory & Stock Management

Adequately keep track of inventory updates for single or multi-branch management in one platform.

Real-time Synchronization

Our system collects sales data, products, and staff activities in real-time updates for instant analysis.

Front-end Layout Customization

Our front-end layouts are custom-fit and flexible to meet your requirements and preferences.

Free Software Update

Users are able to get frequent updates to the software updates at no extra cost.

Responsive Cloud-based System

Our cloud-based system automatically backs up and synchronizes data from your POS system for efficiency.

Unified E-Payment Solution

Our system's payment gateway integration allows you to keep track and audit your sales income sources.

Promotion Management

Provides store-wide promotions that help you run discounts and offers for designated products.

Employee Attendance system

Ideal for small businesses, service and retail industries to track time and manage payrolls easily.

Customer Loyalty Program

Our loyalty system captures consumer data and rewards them depending on their shopping habits.

Multi-outlet Management

Our system allows you to scale-up your services on-the-go as your business expands without any unnecessary hassle.

Smart QR Menu Ordering System

Our table-ordering digital menu is meant to simplify the ordering process for first-timers and non-techies alike.

E-commerce Solutions

Our system provides a unified, all-in-one platform of e-commerce for multichannel selling.

Customer Support

BIG POS provides business assistance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

BIGPOS Back Office

Make smarter business decisions with detailed, real-time data on sales, employees and more.

Real-time Data

Find out what is your best-selling product, transaction details, and your business bottom line at a glance.

Customer Insights

Analyze your customer spending behavior for your marketing plans to boost your sales and attract loyal customers.

Take It All On-The-Go

Get free BIG Analytics apps and BIG Inventory apps to track your sales and monitor your inventory anytime, anywhere. 

Powerful Reports

24/7 business performance tracking on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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