Designed to simplify operation

For all restaurant owner

Simplify the ordering process

QR menu ordering

Mobile phone and QR menu is all your customers need to access your all-day menu.

Self ordering

Lack of staff? Your customers can always go to our self ordering kiosk to make their order.

Waiter ordering

Stop shouting to kitchen when your server can just send the order to the cashier and kitchen with our BIG Waiter Apps.

Improve customer satisfaction

Display system

Bunch of papers to check the order progress? Let your customers and staffs to check their order status with our display system.

Loyalty program

More customers mean more revenues.
Where B Rewards is designed to keep “revenue” coming back to your restaurant.

Membership discount

Your members deserved something better right? Why not offer them a membership discount so that they felt valued too.

Informed decision with data support

Analysis report

Your need something better than your instinct to make decision. This is where our BIG Analytics App can help.

Employee management

Definitely help when you need to monitor staff performance, observe working hours, and calculating their commission during work.

Inventory management

Well, no one like to count one to thousands everyday for all the boring cans and boxes. Let BIG Inventory App do the job.

Need help to make your choice?

Get in touch with our professional team to get advise on your current problem
(eg : switching current solution, payment terms, technical solutions, etc.)

With The Best F&B POS System In Malaysia

Streamline your restaurant with the sophisticated F&B POS system in Malaysia. From instant order-taking process, instantly relayed to the kitchen, seamlessly manage orders and payments through our user-friendly interface.

Handling multiple task with our best-in-class F&B POS system. Including order and inventory management, employee oversight, visual sales analytics, and customer loyalty programs.

With our advanced F&B POS system in Malaysia, your restaurant will effortlessly exude professionalism and efficiency, elevating the dining experience for staff and patrons alike.

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