How To Digitalize Your Restaurant With Cloud Based POS System

Starting a business is a journey full of challenges and obstacles, especially when it comes to running a restaurant. Countless hours of time and effort are needed to run your business smoothly and successfully. In an era full of technological advancement, going digital is no longer a trendy thing to do, but a necessary leverage to increase the output and competence of a business.

According to a study, more than 6 billion of the world’s population uses the internet. Digitalizing your restaurant is a low-risk investment that can bring you a massive increase in operating performance. Figuring out how to digitalize your restaurant will help your business to do well and succeed in the Food and Beverage industry. 

Technology is always changing over time, and as the industry grows and becomes a lot more competitive, it is critical for restaurants to stay on top of the latest technological advancement. A majority of the restaurants are looking into Restaurant Technology, as it greatly enhances customer experience.

You must be wondering right now, what exactly is Restaurant Technology? What does it do for the restaurant and how does digitalizing the restaurant benefit business owners? Read on to find out more about Restaurant Technology in this article.

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What is Restaurant Technology?

Restaurant technology has been evolving in the restaurant industry for a number of years. It refers to the technologies that are used on a daily basis in food outlets, such as cafes, restaurants, bars, and bistros. The primary goal of utilizing restaurant technology is to improve customer service and the efficiency of business operations. 

The restaurant industry has a long history of being a late bloomer of new technologies and digital systems. However, the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 changed everything. Most restaurant businesses have evolved in the midst of COVID-19 by reducing the amount of physical contact between them and their customers.

In the last few years, many restaurant outlets have increasingly utilized technology to adapt to such new norms. A number of contactless technologies have been developed to take precautionary measures for the customers. The safety and hygiene of customers have become a top priority for many restaurant owners.

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Benefits Of Implementing Restaurant Technology

Restaurant Technology such as POS systems and order management systems has become increasingly prevalent in this digital age. Technology in restaurants is no longer a luxurious gadget, as it brings a huge impact on many elements of the restaurant’s operations.

Effective usage of the technology is about providing the highest convenience and value to the customers, as modern-day consumers now seek the benefits of technology that can solve their pain points.

1. Improve Business Efficiency

Technologies can help immensely in increasing the efficiency of a restaurant. Business owners tend to have very limited time resources. Learning how to leverage Restaurant Technology to streamline operation and reduce costs for your restaurant is essential. These technologies can free up time and resources by utilizing a smart system to manage most of the restaurant operations.

Restaurant Technologies also allow restaurants to process customer orders quickly and efficiently while reducing the chances of making mistakes and errors. With a POS system installed, restaurant owners will have a better understanding of their business's productivity as well as communicate smoothly with their staff members. 

2. Enhance Customer Experience 

Implementing a POS system in the restaurant will ensure seamless and timely customer service by speeding up the ordering process. It encourages customers to revisit your restaurant for their improved meal experience.

With the advancement of restaurant technology, customers can now key in their ordering details and pay for their meals using only a mobile device. Such platforms generally come with systems that provide up-to-date information on your restaurant’s dishes and operation hours.

3. Boost Business Profits

Because of the lower maintenance and installation costs brought by technological advancement, restaurant technologies have a much lower entry barrier nowadays as they are less expensive than traditional POS system. 

Traditional POS system requires an internal backup server to store all of the data which greatly increases their cost. By keeping your data in new technology such as a cloud-based POS system, you can save your business expenses by up to three times! Moreover, you will also be able to maintain appropriate inventory levels in significantly less time by implementing an automatic purchasing system.

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How To Digitalize Your Restaurant With Cloud Systems

1. Cloud Based POS System

The point of sale (POS) system is an essential ingredient for restaurant owners. When the POS system is implemented effectively within the restaurant, you can swiftly check out your customers and receive payments online.

When a traditional POS system fails, a restaurant will likely have to shut down its operation, as the entire restaurant suffers from the impact. Technical issues are more likely to exist if you are using the traditional POS system, as the risk of losing crucial customer data with each downtime is bigger. 

On the contrary, a cloud based POS system helps to prevent long downtime and offers easier customer support. You can access important data from any digital device, such as a tablet or computer, and obtain real-time sales data and customer feedback. With a cloud based system, your restaurant can operate in a smooth manner while keeping your customers satisfied with your service. 

2. Restaurant Order Management System

The emergence of new systems in this day has reached a highly advanced level. Now, quite a number of systems can perform tasks in a short amount of time and with greater accuracy than the older systems. When a restaurant management software is used correctly, the system can take a vital role in ensuring the success of the restaurant.

For local restaurant owners, the restaurant order management system in Malaysia can save you hours of headaches, and is something that should not be overlooked at the establishment of your restaurant. From browsing the menu and placing an order to making a checkout payment, BIG POS’s POS system enables a restaurant to manage the entire operation process. 

3. Restaurant Mobile Payment System

The advancement of technology has a big impact on restaurants, especially when it comes to payment systems. In Malaysia, customers can make online payments by using restaurant mobile payment systems in Malaysia such as GrabPay, TouchNGo E-Wallet, ShopeePay, and Boost. Contactless payment technology for restaurants has become increasingly common. It not only takes care of the pre-meal process of ordering, but also the after-meal services. 

New payment systems have been progressively gaining popularity worldwide in the restaurant industry. This mode of payment is simple, fast, and convenient for the customers as well as for the restaurant. If you own a restaurant, a mobile payment system can help to scale your business in a structure and efficient manner.

If you are a restaurant owner and looking to enhance your business efficiency, you can check out our cloud-based POS system in Malaysia for more information on how to digitalize your restaurant with cloud systems.


5 Tips To Improve Your Restaurant Operation

Streamlining your restaurant's everyday operation is more crucial than ever for the success of your business. Restaurant owners around the country have been compelled to adapt to new business models, in order to continue servicing customers during these extraordinary times. 

All aspects of a restaurant’s everyday management are included in the operation process. Staff members undertake important roles and positions that enable the restaurant to run and meet the demands of its customers. 

The restaurant industry has seen a lot of disruption in the past years. The appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a number of opportunities for restaurants to fine-tune their processes, and increase the efficiency of their restaurant operation using a point-of-sale (POS) system. 

The benefits of improving your restaurant operation include lowering costs and expenses, increasing revenue, and enhancing customer experience.

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What Does “Restaurant Operation” Involves?

Restaurants are made up of various individual elements that work together to successfully operate. Besides having great dishes that catch attention, restaurant operation involves everything from food ordering and preparations to serving the meals to the customers. 

To leave a pleasant and positive impression on your customers, cleanliness is also an important element of restaurant operation that every restaurant should pay more attention to. 

By understanding each element of restaurant operation thoroughly, we can meet the demands of each customer and reduce any possible mistakes to ensure a successful business operation.

Ordering & Purchasing

The food purchasing procedure is one of the elements that you need to pay attention to as a restaurant owner. Purchasing your food stock can be a challenging thing to do. 

A restaurant’s food purchasing procedure involves where to source the food ingredients, what types of ingredients to purchase, and how to properly store the food after purchasing it.

Choosing the right product, keeping track of the food inventory that is available in your restaurant, and how long the stock will last is an important part of the restaurant purchasing process.

Food Preparation

The techniques and processes applied by kitchen staff to prepare the food are one of the most important parts of restaurant operation. The chef will usually take the lead in the kitchen and assist the other kitchen staff. 

The chef is also responsible for developing meal plans, regulating the recipes, modify the recipes for customers in consideration of dietary constraints and food allergies. Implementing the right preparation system improves the efficiency of kitchen activities. 

When a customer places an order for a dish, an efficient restaurant operation will have clear expectations on the time required to prepare meals and when to prepare some ingredients ahead of time, all the way to cleaning up the tables when the time for service is up. This is a crucial element that every restaurant can improve to achieve better customer service. 

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Restaurant Service

A successful restaurant service includes engaging with customers and dealing with their demands appropriately. The term “service” refers to any aspect of a restaurant’s business operation that involves the customers in it. To ensure a positive experience as expected by your customers, high-quality customer service is crucial for your restaurant. 

Providing a great service to your customers means your service staff should follow certain etiquette rules to improve their interactions. Not only should you pay attention to the food that you are going to serve to your customers, but also the attitude and behaviors towards your customers. 


In order to ensure an efficient operation, restaurants must also establish cleaning schedules and processes. To avoid suspended licenses or issues relating to health and hygiene, restaurant owners must follow certain industry standards and regulations.

The cleanliness of a restaurant is frequently taken care of by restaurant owners, managers, chefs, and all staff as it is important for everyone to be accountable for maintaining a clean environment for their restaurant.

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How to Improve Your Restaurant Operation

1. Organize your table layout

The method of organizing your restaurant’s table layout will have a significant impact on how smooth and efficient it runs. Making sure that the layout and the floorplan complement your restaurant’s theme and strategy is important. This is because your restaurant operation will be carried out effectively based on the layout of your restaurant. 

2. Optimize your food & beverage menu

Optimizing your food and beverage menu will help to create a positive first impression. You might want to present a variety of dishes from different countries as your marketing strategy. You can also choose to optimize your restaurant’s menu by setting the limit of your food and beverage menu, and concentrating on upselling your bestseller meals.

Customers will usually be drawn to your business because of its options and availability. They will be inclined to return to your restaurant if the food, beverages, and customer service have exceeded their expectations.

3. Automate customer payment process

With the advancement of technology nowadays, contactless payment technologies have become highly desirable in the restaurant industry. Restaurant online payment system in Malaysia such as GrabPay, ShopeePay, and TouchnGo E-Wallet have become prominent payment methods since the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Among all the payment technologies available, one to keep a close eye on is the QR code payment solution. By effectively implementing QR code online payment, businesses can effectively improve and scale their restaurant operation and customer service.

4. Track your operation with the POS system

The point-of-sale (POS) system is able to keep track of your restaurant’s inventory, automated online menu, meal orders, checkout payments, as well as customer feedback. 

The establishment of a POS system for your restaurant will increase your business revenue, and improve customer service while reducing the little frustrations that the customers may experience. 

For starters, our pos terminal machine in Malaysia will help your restaurant to process online payments more efficiently and smoothly.

5. Provide periodical training to your staff

When it comes to maintaining an efficient restaurant operation, making sure your staff is well equipped and trained will provide a long-term return on investment. 

Ensure that they receive adequate and constant training to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of your restaurant operation. 

Staffs who have been adequately trained are less prone to make mistakes. Therefore, your restaurant will have a better operational flow and thus lead to better business results.

Improve Your Operation With POS System

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5 Ways To Increase Sales For Your Retail Business

Wondering what a retail business is and what do they do? In this article, we will explore what a retail business is and the ways to increase the sales of your retail business by using the retail and services POS system in Malaysia. 

Since the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, many physical businesses had to shut down permanently due to the lack of sales and profits. Due to this, it brought a tremendous increase of people to start online retail businesses, such as an e-commerce store. 

According to a survey done by the UK retail eCommerce, it is said there is an increase of retail businesses and sales since the year 2020 and has set an existing trend since then.

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What Is A Retail Business?

Customers purchase items or services from retail businesses for consumption, use, or pleasure. Items and services are typically sold in-store, but some items may be sold online or over the phone and then shipped to the customer. Clothing, drug, grocery, and convenience stores are examples of retail businesses. 

Retail, in its most basic form, is the sale of a product from a business to a customer. Retail transactions take place at a single point of sale, which can be a physical store, a website, direct sales, or a catalog.

Retail differs from large-scale wholesale transactions in that it is focused on selling to the general public. Retail transactions are typically small-scale because the retailer sells goods directly to the end-user (the consumer) for personal use. 

The majority of retailers do not manufacture their own goods. Retailers buy in bulk from wholesalers and sell individual units to the general public. In other words, the retailer serves as a link in the commercial supply chain between the wholesaler and the end-user.

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5 Ways To Increase Sales Of Your Retail Business

1. Keep track of all your inventories

It is crucial to keep track of your inventories on a regular basis to ensure your business is on the right track. You can track your stock at all times by establishing a solid system for tracking stock levels and prioritizing the most expensive products. 

By doing much of the heavy lifting for you, effective software can save you time and money. Furthermore, you can also utilize a cloud based inventory management software such as the cloud based POS system in Malaysia

Look for software that provides real-time sales analytics. Because the Pos system software connects directly to your point of sale, your stock levels are automatically adjusted whenever you make a sale.

You will also receive daily stock alert emails to keep track of which items are running low or out of stock so you can order more in time. 

2. Optimize your store’s layout for customer’s convenience 

The best way to ensure that all of your products are seen by your customers is to subtly direct traffic flow throughout the store. The layout of your convenience store starts with the door. As soon as a customer walks in, there should be enough space for a "decompression zone," or a transition from outside to inside. 

In the retail industry, it's a well-known fact that 90% of people turn right after entering a space. That should be reflected in your store layout by directing traffic flow in that direction. There are three main options from which you can choose your layout from which are grid layouts, loop-style layouts, and free-style layouts. 

3. Create daily operation guidelines for your staff

Your employees will need guidelines on how to operate on a daily basis. This is to ensure the operation of the business runs smoothly without facing any miscommunication among the employees and customers. 

This is where the inventory management POS system in Malaysia comes in. When employee management is taken care of by an automated POS system, managers and store owners can move away from less efficient manual systems. When creating employee schedules digitally, it is easier to see employee availability and other details that make scheduling more efficient. 

Employee engagement increases when a retailer is willing to work with employee schedule requirements. Employee management features in a POS system also make tracking hours with clock-in and clock-out simple. Calculating compensation becomes easier as there is a clear record of all employees’ working hours. 

Aside from its standard feature set, a cloud based POS system offers several employee-management benefits. Managers or owners, for example, can easily assign a higher-level access and different security settings to individual employees. 

A new employee may only be able to access basic POS functions, whereas a long-term assistant manager may have access to more information. To allow for tighter security control, these settings are assigned to personnel per store.

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4. Train Your Staff To Speak To Customers Professionally 

Great communication skills in client relationships are an essential skill to develop early in your career. It is essential at all stages of collaboration, from the initial introduction meeting to the completion of your first project, month, or year together. 

Great communication can boost your popularity with clients, increase their trust in you, and make difficult situations easier to resolve. The following four tips highlight the most important aspects of effective client communication.

There are several ways to improve the customer-employee relationship, one of them is to improve the transparency between the customer and employee. 

Improving transparency in relevant aspects of your role can result in a stronger and more profitable client relationship. Your client will want to work with a company that is accurate and honest, so it is critical that this is built into the very nature of your work ethic.

5. Automate Your Store Operation As Much As Possible

With today's challenges, whether it's dealing with labor shortages and picky customers, social distancing, constant cleaning, or maintaining proper inventory fulfillment processes, achieving operational efficiency is critical to save time and focus on customer service and satisfaction. 

While operational efficiency may appear to be an intimidating goal, the good news is that many retail businesses can become more efficient by utilizing untapped resources in their point of sale (POS) system. Unfortunately, not all business owners are fully utilizing the capabilities of their retail POS technology software.

In conclusion, the POS system brings many advantages to your business and increases your resources to expand and grow. Grab your retail and services POS system in Malaysia today for a 30 days free trial, no credit card required.


How To Manage Your Inventory With Cloud Software

Are you facing a difficult time managing your inventory manually? Need a software system that will help you keep track of your inventories with ease of mind? Before we jump into the inventory management POS system in Malaysia, let’s reconsider what inventory management is and why it is important for your business.

An inventory management system assists businesses in determining what, when, and how much stock to order at a given period. It keeps track of inventory from purchase to sale. The practice identifies and responds to trends to ensure that there is always enough stock to fulfill customer orders and that a shortage is properly announced. 

Inventory becomes revenue once it is sold. Despite it being reported as an asset on the balance sheet, inventory can tie up cash before it is sold. As a result, having too much stock costs money and reduces cash flow. Inventory turnover is an accounting metric that reflects how frequently stock is sold in a given period, it is an indicator of good inventory management. 

A company does not want to pile up inventories while not getting any sales. Inadequate inventory turnover can result in deadstock or unsold stock. Cloud-based inventory management is a compelling alternative to the manual inventory management methods that cause miscalculation, or expensive on-premise ERP systems.

Some of the best cloud systems provide real-time inventory visibility as well as anywhere, anytime access to critical information. And most importantly, the automated capabilities reduce the need for manual input while increasing efficiency throughout the inventory lifecycle.

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Importance of inventory management

Inventory management is critical to the health of a business because it ensures that there is rarely too much or too little stock on hand, reducing the risk of stockouts and inaccurate records. A strong inventory management system is the foundation of any successful eCommerce or online retail brand. 

Companies can achieve inventory management benefits by implementing a strategic plan that optimizes the process of overseeing and managing inventory, including real-time data on inventory conditions and levels. Thus, below are some of the importance of inventory management:

inventory management pos system in Malaysia

1. Maintain An Accurate Tracking Of Your Stock

Accurate inventory tracking ensures that businesses always know when they are running low on their best-selling products, when is the best time to restock, and how many items a business should purchase to fulfill backorders. 

This enables businesses to meet the ever-increasing demand for the best products while avoiding the risk of tying up assets in overstocked inventory. As a result, this is a win-win situation for a business because demand is met while overstocking is avoided.

Tracking your inventory every time a stock is bought, sold, exchanged, or returned across multiple channels makes stock count at the end of the week, month, or quarter much easier and faster. 

Stocks should be checked on a regular basis, and accurate stock control alerts businesses immediately if any stock is missing or mispacked. Trusting that inventory levels are correct in the majority of cases leads to quicker and easier stock checks.

Businesses will only need to confirm data that is already in the system rather than performing time-consuming data entry. This enables businesses to handle exceptions while focusing on growth activities. 

Inventory control ensures that a company's stock in a warehouse is properly balanced. Businesses do not want excess inventory taking up unnecessary warehouse space. Excess inventory causes losses, whether the product expires or is damaged. 

Having inventory control also provides a business with a better understanding of which products are more popular or selling more. Check out how an online POS system in Malaysia can fast-track your business and maximize its potential.

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2. Access Your Data From Anywhere To Predict Demands

The ability to view these reports remotely aids in increasing profitability, minimizing risks, and even lowering costs. Given the value of everyone's time, having remote access to your restaurant could be the game-changer that propels your business to the next level. The best POS solutions today store the majority or all of their data in the cloud, which is then accessible online. 

Because they are not tied to on-site computers or servers, remote access to this data is ideal for the modern owner. There's no need for a cramped back office, either, because everything can be done from their computer, tablets, or mobile devices. With remote access, the owner can make purchasing decisions based on inventory reports, staffing decisions based on time and attendance reports, and even conduct outside business after analyzing sales and profit data.

In any case, restaurant owners benefit from having access to reports and inventory data from any location, allowing them to keep their restaurant running smoothly even when the dining room is closed. Restaurant cloud POS gives owners and managers this access after hours, on vacation, or whenever they are away from the restaurant. 

Because it is impossible to be everywhere they need to be at the same time, our restaurant POS ordering system in Malaysia provides even more value to business owners who own more than one restaurant or location.

3. Have A Contingency Plan For A Stock Shortage 

When you become aware of a major problem with your inventory, you must act quickly to eliminate its impact on your business. This process will be easier if you already have contingency plans in place and you'll be less likely to panic and make poor decisions that exacerbate the problem. 

When developing your contingency plans, you may want to consider compiling a list of alternative suppliers to whom you'll turn to stock key products if others fail you. Carrying out such a task during a crisis is unlikely to go well, therefore, the last thing you want to do is choose suppliers when you're under pressure to solve problems. 

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What is a POS system and how does it help your business?

Starting a business is not an easy thing to do. It takes up a lot of consideration and effort before deciding on starting a business. No matter whether it is a retail, service, or F&B business. In this day and age, technology is the most important element that you should consider implementing in your business. Technology will help your business operations in so many aspects from the smallest thing to the biggest one. 

As a business owner, you would have known that running a business necessitates a diverse set of marketing, administrative, management, and industry skills. These skills are required to ensure that your business operates properly, and to ensure your business’s inventory is available to record a large amount of monthly sales data. 

Implementing technology systems like online POS system in Malaysia is crucial for your business to ensure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently. Ever wonder what exactly a POS system is and how it helps your business? In this article, we will discuss more on a POS system.

online pos system malaysia

What Is A POS System?

A point-of-sale (POS) system is a combination of software and hardware that you can use to run your business. It is not a single piece of equipment or procedure, but rather a collection of factors that work together to successfully perform customer transactions and optimize sales-related corporate activities. 

A terminal machine, printer, computer, tablet, scanner, and other digital devices are some examples of the hardware that functions in the POS system, which the software then helps to monitor and organize the data for your business. A good POS system for your business can do a lot more than just keep track of your business’s sales and inventory. 

Not only will it keep track of sales and inventory, but also help in monitoring your staff and marketing, making it easy for you as a business owner to stay on top of your daily and monthly responsibilities. The right POS system can significantly increase your company’s performance.

POS Software And Its Functions

POS software is what business retailers and ecommerce stores use to perform their business sales. The fundamental objective of POS software is to process sales, which goes with what its name suggests. 

However, POS software can do so much more than that. It lets you find products in your collection and helps to increase your business sales. After each sale, POS systems will handle all sorts of payment transactions to your bank account. 

Behind-the-scenes monitoring and analytics functions are handled by software components of the POS system. The interface of your business’s POS system will be used by the staff, which is typically displayed on touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones. Differing from the front-end system, the back-end is handled directly in a separate browser on the same device or on a different one.

The function of POS software systems includes payment processing where it helps process each customer’s payment transaction whether by cash, online payment, QR code payment, or any contactless payment. Not only that, POS software is involved in inventory management, POS analysis reports, staff management, and customer relationship management (CRM). 

Now that you know the basic information on POS systems and the software components, let’s take a look at the types of POS system hardware. 

pos system hardware malaysia

Types Of POS System Hardware

Not all business owners rely on the POS software system only. Some local business owners need a POS system hardware in Malaysia to make sure their business operates smoothly, especially those with a physical store. 

There are many types of POS system hardware that you will need to run your business effectively. Let’s check it out. 

  1. Traditional Cash Register: This hardware is mostly used to record and calculate sales transactions by customers and print receipts. 
  1. Scanner: A scanner detects the information on an item so that you may ring it up for your business sales. This hardware speeds up the checkout process and ensures all of your business’s inventory is accurately tracked. It is also a good approach to double-check the price of an item and other data. 
  1. Receipt Printer: A receipt printer helps in printing every receipt and credit card slip in any type of physical store. Customers can review exactly what they bought and their prices with a receipt printer. This makes it easier for business owners and their customers to keep track of their purchases. 
  1. Credit Card Reader: The reader lets the customer safely pay with their credit cards through the contactless payment method. When customers tap or slip their credit card into a card reader at any business retail outlet, this credit card reader will read it. 
  1. Cash Drawer: A cash drawer holds all sorts of assets, including cash, cheques, and even receipts. Even if your business accepts contactless payment only, it may require a secure place to store your cash and receipts. 
  1. Portable device: A connected device with a touch-screen surface like a tablet and has the same function as the other hardware monitors. However, the useful function that it has to offer is that it can be used as both the interface and the hardware to make transactions.
inventory management POS system Malaysia

The Benefits Of Using A POS System

1. Better Customer Engagement 

Your business can keep the data of your customer’s information in your POS system. You can acquire a better understanding of your target market and customers, especially your number one fans if you have the data. 

On top of that, you may create targeted campaigns using all of your POS data to reach out to your target market through customized messages and promotions. 

2. Improve Inventory Management

A point-of-sale system will allow you to keep track of your business stock and inventory in a simple way. It also helps to collect real-time data on the inventory and see how many products you have in your store. 

With inventory management POS system Malaysia, all the data of products already in your collection, will be entered into your POS software by simply scanning the product and inputting the quantities.

3. Boost Data Protection And Security

Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common. Payment transaction data and ordering process are encrypted thanks to the reputable POS system. Almost all POS systems allow for two-factor authentication. As a result, this may lower the risk of malicious users infiltrating your business system. 

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Customer Servicing Tips for Restaurants & Cafes

Operating a restaurant or cafe is not an easy thing to do. You will need to consider so many things while operating your restaurant business. The restaurant business is not about the quality of the food and the beverages only. There are many more elements of the operation of a restaurant that owners need to pay attention to. 

Excellent customer service is one of the most important things that you need to think about. It is vital to the success of any restaurant, no matter what type of restaurant business you are operating. Customer service in restaurants is perhaps as crucial as the meals that are being served itself. 

Every business relies on excellent customer service to successfully operate. When people go out to eat, they want to have a positive experience at the restaurant. Customers’ expectations of a restaurant go beyond the quality of the service. It includes how the restaurant owners and their staff interact with their customers and effectively satisfy their needs and demands, as well as how they serve the foods to their customers. These are the source of great customer service.

The Customer-First Mindset

Have you ever heard of the phrase “customers come first”? Regardless of the type of business you are operating, this idea is often mentioned by many successful businessmen. You might be wondering, is a customer-first mindset still effective and can be used in the modern era? The answer to your question is an absolute yes.

The responsibility for providing an outstanding customer service experience usually extends throughout the entire business organization and begins with the customer-first mindset. 

A customer-first approach involves prioritizing your customer’s demands and satisfaction with your services. In another word, providing a pleasant customer experience starts with planning a constant and proactive servicing approach with the customers in mind.

Many restaurant business owners nowadays apply this mindset to their restaurant operations and their employees. The biggest benefit of excellent customer service is that it can lead to better business outcomes, happier customers, and an increase in employees' productivity.

Nonetheless, having a customer-first mindset and excellent customer service is critical to keeping a restaurant business healthy and growing. Let us discuss some strategies that can help to improve your restaurant’s customer service.

Customer Servicing Tips For Restaurants and Cafes

1. Speed Up Your Menu Ordering Process

Goodbye, slow, and complex order processing! Hello, to a fast, simple, and convenient order processing that makes every customer’s experience conductive and efficient. In order to fulfill customer satisfaction, prioritize their happiness, and ensure a positive meal experience, restaurants must utilize restaurant technologies to optimize their order processing workflow. 

The order processing workflow guarantees that customers’ orders are appropriately prepared for the customer. If we talk about a decade ago, order processing can only be done by hand using a pen and paper, as the restaurant business industry expands, so does its complexity. Therefore, the order processing methods should also be changed with more viability, such as implementing an online ordering system for your restaurant.

With the advancement of technology, you can also opt for an online menu QR code in Malaysia to speed up your restaurant and cafe ordering process. As a result, your restaurant business will operate more efficiently. By implementing this key strategy, you can also send your customers home with a happy heart and tummy.

2. Utilize Restaurant Technology

Technology advancement brings so many benefits to everyone across the world. From all the littlest devices to the big systems, everyone depends on some form of technology for daily living. 

The type of technology you will be using as a restaurant owner often depends on the type of restaurant or cafe business you have. However, in today’s world, business models can evolve and incorporate many forms of technology. For example, one can utilize the restaurant mobile payment system in Malaysia to communicate with your customers and process online payments effectively.

The advancement of technology brings a huge impact on the restaurant business as more restaurant businesses combine automation and other technology software as a way to respond to ever-changing customer needs.

Customer Servicing Tips for Restaurants & Cafes

Implementing technology software will not only save time for restaurant managers, chefs, as well as waiters, but also improves your customer’s dining experience, which can lead to an increase in business sales. Customers are constantly expecting better customer service from all types of business industries.

Nowadays, a new form of technology, namely “customer service technology”, has become more common than ever. You can begin to implement such technologies in your restaurant by using a restaurant POS system in Malaysia

It ensures a seamless and fast-paced service experience, and also allows your customers to make a payment using credit cards or any integrated contactless payment system. A POS system will also allow you to manage, keep track and respond to your customers more efficiently. 

3. Pay Attention To Customer Feedback

One of the most crucial aspects of business operation is the feedback of customers. It helps your restaurant or cafe in product development, business operations, as well as sales and marketing. 

Restaurants or cafes need to recognize and know the importance of customer feedback in their business operations. Paying extra attention to your customer’s voices on a regular basis is very important for an objective assessment of your business performance. 

Customer Servicing Tips for Restaurants & Cafes

Businesses should pay attention and not disregard valuable customer feedback, as it is one of the most critical elements of running a restaurant or cafe business. To ensure excellent customer service, you can always look for reviews and feedback on your social media or websites. 

You can also ask for their feedback proactively through various types of surveys. To ensure consistent performance and growth for your restaurant, keep track of your customer’s input and feedback and constantly assess the area of your business that you can improve. 

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3 Ways To Reduce Restaurant Operation Cost

Are you aware that running a restaurant often requires a large sum of cash flow? If you’re looking for ways to reduce restaurant operational costs, you are not alone. The general consensus of the food and beverage industry is that your challenges end right after the opening of your dream restaurant. 

That perception is often inaccurate, operating a restaurant successfully is a lot more difficult than most can imagine. No matter which industry or sector that you are in, operating a business requires an ample amount of hard work and effort. Many restaurant owners failed to sustain their business growth even after attracting a huge number of customers, one of the reasons behind this is because of poor cost management. 

The inability to manage a restaurant’s operating expenses efficiently can often lead to unprofitable operations and multiple financial issues. One solution is to properly utilize a POS system in Malaysia, you can make the operation process much more efficient while starting your local business. 

With that being said, many restaurant owners have started to plan ahead and look for ways to manage their operating expenses while facing extraordinary challenges, especially since the first appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Importance Of Cost And Inventory Management

cloud based pos system malaysia

Restaurants need to manage their cost consistently to ensure a profitable business operation. Cost management is a step-by-step process of lowering your business operating expenses in order to boost your gross profits. Effective cost management will help restaurant owners prepare and thrive while going through economic turmoil. 

Knowing how to manage operational costs in your restaurant will not only help to increase your business revenue and profits, but also enable you to review your operating expenses and other areas that require further improvement.

Effective cost management of a restaurant will also reduce unnecessary expenses and ensure the operational efficiency of a restaurant, giving restaurant owners the financial liquidity to invest in product innovation and marketing strategies.

In other words, cost management is an essential skill for restaurant owners as it allows you to pinpoint the source of overspending, and take preventative measures for the rainy days by maintaining adequate cash reserves.

After understanding the importance of cost management for a restaurant, let us take a look at a few options we can take to effectively manage operational costs.

Maintain The Productivity Of Your Staff With A POS System

Chefs and waiters are among the very first employees that restaurant owners will need to employ. The hiring and staff training process can become a very costly investment over time, in terms of both money and time.

In order to reduce the labor turnover for your restaurant and prevent wasting unnecessary resources, restaurant owners are responsible to maintain the satisfaction of their employees, so that they can keep the restaurant running efficiently while staying loyal to their employers. 

Employee training and developments are often overlooked and considered unnecessary spending. However, a well-trained staff who felt taken care of will be capable of ensuring a smooth business operation, and dealing with a large number of customer requests and complaints effectively. 

If you’re planning to hire a new staff for your restaurant, consider providing high-quality training and optimal working conditions so that your staff will feel satisfied with their own development, and maintain a good work ethic and attitude.

As a result, you will not only be able to lower the amount of staff turnover, but also be able to control your restaurant's operational cost and reinvest the profits into things that will grow and expand your business.

Use The FIFO System To Organize Food Materials

‘FIFO’ is a jargon in the restaurant industry and an abbreviation of “First In, First Out”. This is a rather straightforward system that restaurant owners or individuals alike can implement in order to manage the costs of food materials. 

The FIFO system is fundamentally an approach to organizing your restaurant’s food inventory. Firstly, you will have to mark your food materials with the exact date of when you store it, and place the older food materials on top of the newer ones so that you can use them in cooking first. 

The FIFO system will help you to manage and use your food materials more efficiently, and ensure that everything from your food inventory is used in its best condition while no expired food is around. This will reduce your restaurant expenses as well as the amount of food waste.

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Manage And Track Your Inventory Items

Inventory management is an important business operation that restaurant owners tend to overlook. An effective inventory management system can help to avoid unnecessary inventory loss or food defect issues, which could be costly mistakes for a restaurant.

Keeping track of your inventory can help restaurant owners to plan ahead and reserve an adequate amount of food materials without sacrificing quality. Inventory management application software such as BIG POS Inventory Apps is designed for such particular function.

A system such as this is able to alert all stakeholders when the inventory items are about to expire, so that you may utilize them before their quality deteriorates. It will also help owners to save a restaurant’s expenses by ordering the proper amount of supplies, rather than purchasing them solely based on intuition. 

With a cloud-based inventory management system and real-time reporting, you will be able to keep track of your food materials and kitchen supplies whenever you need to.

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Improve Customer Loyalty With An Effective POS System

Have you ever wondered why certain products have a very loyal customer base? Some of the major reasons are because the product has sufficient market demand, good product quality, and they provide the best customer service in town. Thus, customer loyalty is critical for your business to achieve consistent business performance and sales growth.

What is customer loyalty?

An Effective POS System

In the modern era, customer loyalty has become one of the top priorities for corporate and small businesses alike. A loyal customer is the greatest advantage a company can have over its competitors. Customers that are loyal to a single provider are not easily influenced by price or availability. They would rather pay a higher price for the same quality service and product they are accustomed to. 

Customer loyalty is often the result of a company consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. According to Rare Consulting’s study, 83 percent of customers said their brand loyalty stemmed from trust. In other words, loyalty is about likability and the ability to trust the product and brand. Customers who trust the companies with whom they do business are more likely to purchase again in the future. 

Why Loyal Customers Are Essential To Any Business

Customer loyalty has the greatest impact on profitability when compared to other strategies for running a business. A business might have a hard time remaining profitable without its happy customers who continue to buy its products. 

New customers are more expensive to acquire and spend less money than loyal, repeat customers. It is critical for business success to keep customers coming back for more. On the contrary, short-term profit grabs tend to be an unsustainable business model.

Loyal customers are simply better for business as they help you grow and maintain high profit margins. Some importance of keeping loyal customers for your business are:

Strong Customer Loyalty Helps Your Company Grow

While it is obvious that returning customers who spend more money are more beneficial to business, there are other, more subtle advantages to having loyal customers. It's similar to the old leaky bucket analogy. 

For a company to remain profitable, it has to continuously acquire new customers, or maintain its relationship with current customers and ensure that they return for more. This is no different from a bucket that is leaking slowly, to ensure the bucket is always full, it has to be constantly filled or the leak hole has the be maintained.

BIG POS’s POS system in Malaysia helps businesses to provide an efficient customer experience and reduces any human mistakes or errors.

Customer loyalty results in higher profits 

Investing in improving customer loyalty is one of the best investments a company can make. A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect on profit as a 10% reduction in operating costs. An alternative to spending less money on customers is to invest in customer retention strategies, as the long-term benefits are worth every penny.

How To Improve Customer Loyalty?

An Effective POS System

Collect and analyze customer data

Hearing directly from the source is a foolproof way to improve your customer loyalty strategy. It will take longer to cultivate a loyal audience without your customers' honest feedback. Collect consumer feedback to ensure they enjoy their experience with your brand and will return. 

There are several ways to collect your customer feedback to analyze them in the future, one quick and easy way is to utilize the BIG POS Analytics App. Below are 5 simple strategies that you can start using today to collect customer feedback:

  • Sending out email surveys
  • Monitor social media channels for mentions of your brand
  • Accessing and analyzing your website analytics 
  • Embed a pop-up survey on your site
  • Reviewing the chatbox and live chat transcripts

Reward Big Spending Customers

How many of your customers return after their first purchase? If the answer is few, it could be because you don't reward them for returning. Recognizing and rewarding customers who take consistent action with your brand is one of the best ways to keep that relationship going. 

A loyalty program is an excellent way to show your repeat customers that you value their business and want them to return. The possibilities with such rewards programs are limitless. Some businesses use point systems in which customers accumulate points and receive discounts or free products as they accumulate points. Other businesses create tiered programs in which customers advance to a higher level as their spending increases. 

Utilize Inventory Management (Give Out Inventory Items As Gifts)

Having an excessive amount of inventory is high on the list of no-nos for retailers. Surplus stock, in addition to taking up valuable backroom or shelf space, ties up capital and can prevent you from reinvesting in your business or purchasing items you actually need. 

That is why it is critical to monitor your sales and inventory data on a regular basis. You must monitor product movement in order to make sound purchasing and marketing decisions. At the same time, keeping track of inventory counts allows you to get a handle on your inventory and avoid having too much stock in your store.

This strategy works best with low-cost items. If a product is difficult to sell, consider using it as a giveaway or incentive instead. You could utilize it as an introduction to attract people to sign up for your mailing list, or to increase the value of their basket. For example, "Spend $75 or more and get a free gift".

This is one of the strategies that businesses can use in their stores if they discover that a particular item is a "dud" but does not come at a high price. You can give it away as a freebie or giveaway in event goodies bags, in exchange for people signing up for your email list or text service list. In doing so, they are essentially deploying the product's cost as a marketing expense.

Improve Operational Efficiency

An Effective POS System

Inventory management productivity is increased in a variety of ways when combined with an inventory management module. For one thing, it enables faster and more accurate inventory-purchasing decisions because orders are based on historical sales such as in restaurants, or for ingredient usage data rather than guesswork and hearsay.

Similarly, the inventory control component of a POS system can be programmed to generate re-orders when merchandise or ingredient quantities reach pre-defined levels in many cases. This eliminates the risk of having to scramble for inventory and ensures that the right items are always in stock within your establishment. It also reduces waste and overstocking. 

Moreover, technologies such as BIG POS’s iPad POS system in Malaysia can further reduce the effort and time needed for stock count. If you are a business owner, check out BIG POS for a customizable system designed to improve your business operation.


The Difference Between Cash Register And POS System

Businesses are constantly looking for faster and more efficient ways to do things. As a result, many of them have abandoned cash registers in favor of the point of sale (POS) systems. 

The primary distinction between a cash register and a POS system is one of efficiency and communication. When a transaction is processed at a retail store or other types of business, the POS system not only records the transaction but also automatically tracks everything related to what the customer purchased in real-time. 

For example, if a customer purchases a purse, the POS cash register will record the entire transaction, including the tax information. When the information is captured, it is saved in a database where authorized company representatives can access it when needed. Thanks to the advancement of technology, point of sale system in Malaysia has been growing in demand in recent years.

Cash Register Vs POS System

Cash Register

point of sale system in Malaysia

The cost of a cash register machine starts from around RM500 in Malaysia. There is a wide range of brands you can choose from both domestically and internationally. The cash register consists of 5 parts which are:


The cash register keys include a number pad as well as buttons such as the subtotal, total, and tax keys. Most of these are no longer required because scanners have replaced them, but subtotal, total, and tax keys are still used.


A scanner is used to ring up the merchandise that a customer purchases. The scanner reads the barcode, revealing the item and its price. This is especially useful for merchants because it allows them to keep track of not only sales but also inventory.

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer is where customers' money is kept, as well as other receipts for merchandise payments, such as credit card information and gift certificates.


The printer generates the receipt you give to the customer as well as a duplicate for the merchant. This is necessary for keeping track of sales and inventory.

Credit Reader

When using a credit card, a credit reader is another way to keep track of the transaction. The customer inserts his credit card into the reader and sometimes signs it; other times, he must sign the receipt.

Point Of Sale System (POS)

point of sale system in Malaysia

The cost of a POS system is higher than cash registers due to its advanced functionality. It can range from RM500 to above RM1000 as there is a wide range of brands to choose from in the market. POS system is connected by a few hardware essentials such as:

POS machine

This is the most important part of your POS or point of sale system. It is the computer that runs the POS system software. It is also referred to as a cash register or POS machine. 

This hardware is used to record sales transactions and print receipts. More advanced POS machines include software that allows you to manage your inventory, employees, and customers all in one system. 

You can also use your POS machine to process sales transactions, review sales reports, and manage inventory, employees, and customer data

Cash drawer

A cash drawer is your treasure chest, where you can keep all of your valuables such as cash, coins, checks, and even receipts if you want. It aids in the organization and security of your valuables. How does a cash drawer function? 

When you complete a sale, your receipt printer sends a signal to your cash drawer, causing it to open so you can store your money and make changes. 

It is critical that you keep your cash drawer locked after your shift ends. Allow only your store manager access to the cash drawer key, limiting cash drawer access to all employees. This reduces the possibility of internal theft.

Receipt Printer

A receipt printer is an essential component of your POS system. It is used to print receipts and credit card slips in retail, food, beverage, and service-type businesses. This makes it easier for you and your customers to keep track of your transactions. 

Some food and beverage establishments also use kitchen printers in the kitchen or at the bar to print order tickets.

The types of basic receipt printers include but not limited to:

  • Thermocouple printer (fast, quiet, and most commonly used)
  • Ethernet receipt printer (stable, connects to your wireless router via ethernet)
  • Bluetooth printer for receipts (connects to POS terminal via wireless Bluetooth, good for printing receipts on the go)


A POS barcode scanner/reader reads printed barcodes on products and transmits the information to your POS terminal. A barcode will typically include product information, such as the SKU number. 

Using a barcode scanner expedites the checkout process while also keeping accurate inventory records. It is most effective in retail and supermarkets. 

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Why Use a POS System Instead of a Cash Register?

point of sale system in Malaysia

POS systems are more than just a payment processing tool. They are increasingly serving as the central hub for all of your small business software tools, from scheduling and payroll to accounting and inventory management. Modern, cloud-based POS systems either include all of these tools in one system or allow you to connect to other software applications to build your complete software solution. This is often referred to as "integration" or the use of "integrated apps”. 

A POS system makes it simple to keep track of your store's inventory. It allows you to manage your inventory in real time and see how many products you own over time. If these products are already in your catalogue, simply scan your items, enter your quantities, and the articles will be recorded in your POS software's inventory. When compared to manual inventory tracking, this saves a significant amount of time. In the end, your inventory will have fewer errors. With each transaction, items sold are deducted directly from inventory. This allows you to keep track of how many of each item the store has in stock.

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point of sale system in Malaysia

With cash registers, they can cause data loss if the machine malfunctions or reduce workplace productivity during power outages. You can't identify top sellers or items that aren't moving without up-to-date menu management. You're in the dark, with no idea how dishes are performing other than what inventory remains at the end of the day and what you can piece together anecdotally. Best practices for menu design are also ineffective because the cash register cannot extract information beyond the total sales amount. So you're left guessing. 

Order errors have a negative impact on both the customer experience and profits. Even the most experienced servers make mistakes when taking orders by pen and paper and ringing them up on the cash register. Miscommunication between the front and back of the house can also lead to order errors. Perhaps the server mistyped the order, or the kitchen misinterpreted it. Order errors cost you time and money, regardless of the cause. If you are still using a cash register, make the switch with our 30-day free trial POS system today!


How To Use A QR Menu Ordering System For Your Restaurant

With the advancement of technology in this digital age, everything appears to be being consumed by digitalization, and the food and beverage business is without exception. 

Restaurants have steadily turned to digital menus to better serve consumers as technology has become a staple in our daily life. According to ScreenCloud, a functional menu display is a top priority for 74% of restaurant consumers. 

Digital menus, for example, are adaptable and configurable in terms of font size and display, allowing you to obtain the ideal setting with less effort. In today's world, however, you don't need to be tech-savvy to explore and purchase from a computerized restaurant menu. 

In reality, a digital menu can be a time-saving, cost-effective, and seamless solution.

What is a QR Menu Ordering System?

Customers can pay straight from their table using a QR-based ordering system. Customers are spared the inconvenience of having to wait in a long queue. This way,

Customers can choose what to order from their table using a QR-based table ordering system and pay with their phones. A QR-based ordering system is quite effective. 

Customers enter a quick service restaurant (QSR), seat at their table, and scan the QR code that is displayed in front of them. They can then view a menu and prices of numerous things after scanning the QR code, and proceed to select products from the menu easily. 

A QR-based ordering system may also suggest meal combinations to boost bill value, increasing the likelihood of higher bill values.

Benefits Of Using QR Systems For Restaurants

table ordering system for restaurants in Malaysia

QR-Code-Based Menu Provides Sufficient Menus For Customers In Group

Insufficient menus is one of the pain points of dining at a restaurant. Since restaurants began using the QR menu technology, this problem has become less of an issue. As a result, the risk of the recent COVID-19 contamination is also reduced. 

QR codes can be displayed in many visible spots across the restaurant. Customers can scan the menus and access them. Customers may now dine in a while, remaining hygienically safe and placing orders quickly. 

If you’re looking for QR menu ordering system in Malaysia, check out BIG POS today.

QR Ordering Improves Efficiency Of Staff And Customer Interaction

People can place orders immediately from their phones using the QR menu technology. This eliminates the possibility of any interaction between employees and customers. 

Customers can also come to the counter and grab their meal while adhering to the safety guidelines. Customers' wait times are also reduced because of the implementation of the QR menu technology.

QR Ordering Increases The Value Of Each Order

Customers who order online spend more money. They enjoy ordering multiple items because they are not under any duress.

Calling the staff whenever they want to order an extra dish is inconvenient for some people. Customers are occasionally hesitant to do so. There are also occasions when the crew is too preoccupied to take orders or serve. This causes the other customers’ wait time to be extended.

This wait is never prolonged with computerised menus, and customers are more satisfied with the service as well. As a result, order values are likely to increase as customers order more items.

How To Implement QR Ordering In Your F&B Business?

table ordering system for restaurants in Malaysia


This is where most QR ordering systems are used. The main reason why QR ordering systems are popular in restaurants is the labour cost savings. Ordering QR codes are placed on restaurant tables for customers to scan with their smartphones and self-order. 

Orders are linked to an order management system, which is frequently a POS system. The orders are then classified and routed to their respective kitchen sections, where they are printed on a kitchen printer or displayed on a kitchen display solution.

Dine-in concept cafe

QR ordering systems aren't just for dine-and-pay restaurants. They can be easily adopted by cafes that offer dine-in options. Customers can browse your digital menu and place orders by scanning a QR code in your cafe. 

Your customers will pay online or at the counter before the orders are sent to an order management device. The device then divides and routes orders to the appropriate kitchen sections.

Takeaway food kiosks

If takeout is your only option for your F&B business, a QR ordering system can still be used to save money on order-taking staff and accommodate more orders during peak hours. Simply place ordering QR codes around your takeaway food kiosk for customers to scan and self-order using their smartphones. 

As a result, your customers will not have to wait in line to place their orders with your staff, allowing you to accept high order volumes concurrently and thus breaking the ordering bottleneck.

If you want to implement QR ordering in your F&B business, check out mobile pos for restaurants Malaysia here.

BIG POS Food and Beverage POS System Features

table ordering system for restaurants in Malaysia

Inventory and Stock Management

Inventory management is a software function crucial for keeping track of your stock and supply. Moreover, the inventory component should also be able to track culinary products used in the manufacturing process.

Employee Management

When a POS system takes care of employee management, managers, and store owners, it can help to move away from less efficient manual procedures. When creating employee schedules, using a digital system makes it easier to see employee availability and other elements that make scheduling difficult. 

Thus, employee engagement grows when a merchant is willing to work with an employee's schedule constraints. A POS system's employee management tool makes it simple to track hours with clock-in and out.

Customer Insights and Experience

BIG POS collects buying history data and basic customer information to help us understand our clients' needs. This way, merchants will be able to discover recommendations to better serve their customers.

Loyalty Program

BIG POS has an in-house Loyalty Program feature that allows you to capture consumer data and rewards them depending on their shopping habits.

Waiter App

This app can be used to fulfill orders on the spot. After placing an order, the data is automatically synchronized to the main POS, and the kitchen proceeds accordingly. Say goodbye to handwritten papers and handbills and welcome a new tool for store management.

In conclusion, there are many benefits and features to using POS systems and QR code ordering systems for restaurants. Check out our table ordering system for restaurants in Malaysia for more information.


How to Make Restaurant Payments Quick and Easy

Customers are lining up in front of your restaurant to order, and the line will keep increasing. Then, you see more customers who wish to dine in, but as their sight falls upon the long queue - they leave. Now, that won’t do good!

As an F&B restaurant owner, creating great dining experiences is to have a seamless transaction between the touchpoints of the meal: service, hospitality, and taste. 

Generally, customers wish for the system to be smooth and without any issues when dining in. This system also boils down to checkout, where the guests have finished their food and are getting ready to pay and leave the restaurant. Thus, it’s as simple as that. 

Additionally, seeing a long queue at the checkout is a turn-down point. A long queue would only mean it would take too long to order, get their order, get their bill, and checkout.

It should be noted that the POS system should be introduced to Food and Beverages (F&B) businesses. Hence, with that in mind, the POS system for F&Bs in Malaysia is essential for the customer payments system. With everything diverted to technology-based, it speeds up and makes everything easier including payments. Therefore, it is crucial to close and bill your customer correctly.

There are 3 common ways to handle a checkout for you and your guests:

Make Restaurant Payments Quick and Easy
  1. Standard cash/card payment

Indeed, the standard cash or card payment is what guests are most familiar with. It is the most widely used restaurant POS system in Malaysia. However, this process comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

This depends on the concept of your restaurant:

  • Cashier

If you utilize a cashier, guests have to walk up to the counter and pay as per their order. 

  • Server

Meanwhile, if you utilize a server, then the guest will call upon the server, the server delivers the bill, the guest will hand the server their card, the server picks up the bill and card, processes the payment through the POS system, and then delivers the card back to the guest. 

How will this benefit you? 

The advantages of utilizing these concepts are straightforward and typical. This is what the guests are most comfortable with.

While the disadvantage of this is…

Guests might have to queue to pay their bills. This may look hectic, especially during peak hours! Therefore, customers who are about or may want to dine in might just turn around and reject the long queue.  

Next, it will take up much of the server’s time and could be a hindrance if it is a busy night/hour. As a result, your guests would label this as slow service, and you could lose your guests in this case. 

Make Restaurant Payments Quick and Easy
  1. Handheld POS

The second option will be the handheld POS which is very swift and simple; therefore, it has been gaining popularity throughout the years or months. It’s portable, light, and small which makes it convenient to be carried by the servers and less waiting time for the customers.

Undoubtedly, there are benefits to handheld POS. 

What are the benefits?

Customers will be able to experience a more comfortable service with a handheld POS system. The system provides quicker services, reducing wrong orders and faster checkouts. Guests don’t need to worry about anything else - all they have to do is sit, order, and pay. The service is basically at the tip of their fingers.

This will save some time for servers. By using the handheld POS, the server simply has to carry the portable POS terminal machine wherever they go. This can save the trip back and forth between the tables and the cashier. Additionally, it allows them to take other guests’ orders, build relationships with other guests, increase productivity and optimize customer service. 

Hence, the process is brisk and straightforward for both parties.

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Make Restaurant Payments Quick and Easy
  1. Order & pay with mobile 

Presently, most restaurants are adjusting themselves to social distancing due to COVID-19. Slowly, some restaurants then transition to online. With this in mind, orders and payments through your mobile phone are no longer foreign; this is touch-free and simple. 

This process would only require guests to order and pay at the table. It is a creative way to practice social distancing while still managing the business and ensuring your guests have whatever they require.  

Order and pay through the mobile phone is an easy restaurant pos ordering system Malaysia because it utilizes QR codes. 

Guests are required to scan QR codes on their tables to access the menu to order their drinks, food, and side dishes. Consequently, guests are in control of their order; they can call whatever and whenever they want this way.

Apart from that, scan to pay is an option as well. The server is required to give the customers their bill, which has a QR code at the bottom, as part of this process. Guests simply need to scan and pay their bills using their phones.

As a result, servers can focus on building relationships with the guests and do their chores without worry. 

What’s next after checkout? 

By the end of your service, etiquette is essential, so remember to thank your customers for coming to your restaurant. 

Thanking your guests shows that you 

  • Appreciate them choosing your restaurant
  • Value your guests
  • Displaying a good perception of your restaurant

By showing your appreciation to them, you’ve won their hearts. 

Next, you’d want to know what guests thought about your service - in this terms, it means collecting their feedback. As a result, you can serve them better next time. This will help you maintain regular guests. 

Then, you introduce the restaurant’s loyalty program to them - this could attract regular customers to your restaurant. By introducing your loyalty program, guests are more open to giving their feedback and attract more valuable customers to your restaurant. For example, rewarding your guests when they provide you with feedback on your service! 

Find a way to inquire about their wants and needs - satisfy your guests by keeping it customer-oriented!  

So, it’s time to optimize your POS system! 

With all these tips and guidance about billing your customers right, customers should be satisfied when they walk out of restaurants. It is in your hands to ensure your customers are happy with your service! 

Always strive to improve, including teaching your staff to respect restaurant checkout processes. Take time to examine your staff’s process, keep improving the process and think of ways to come up with new processes to satisfy your guests! 

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How Can a POS System Improve Customer Service?

Customer service refers to the direct interaction between the customer and the sales associate to make sales. Achieving tremendous and efficient customer service is closely related to the customer's experience from interactions and customer satisfaction with the support provided by the sales associate.

A point-of-sale or POS System Malaysia is a device that allows businesses to accept various cashless payment methods and keep track of sales in your business outlet. Implementing the usage of a POS system in your restaurant can help increase the efficiency of your customer service. 

There are several methods to leverage your POS system upgrades to improve the customer service experience, which are: 

➜ Enables collection of customer insight 

Point-of-sale systems can store basic customer information and purchase history for the business to better understand the needs of their customers. With the use of a restaurant pos system Malaysia, employees can:  

Personalize the interactions between customers

Employees can use their information and purchasing history to provide a more personalized service to their customers. Customers are known to have a more enjoyable experience if they are understood well.

Enable more accurate communication among employees

How Can a POS System Improve Customer Service?

A POS system will enable your employees and crew to communicate more efficiently without depending on the type of business you are running. It can eliminate concerns regarding order histories and shift schedules so that the employees can focus more on their service.

➜ Streamlining the ordering process

Using a POS system can show customers and potential clients that your business is considerate about online and tableside ordering POS Malaysia. Remember that when you decide to upgrade your business’ customer service with an ecommerce point of sale in Malaysia, you can:

Integrate current software

Integrating the point-of-sale system to other software platforms will allow your employees to administer online orders, streamlining physical and online orders with the same design.  This allows for better inventory and sales tracking, as both physical and online orders can be viewed through your cafe POS system Malaysia.

Polish delivery orders 

Especially for F&B restaurants and cafes, there is a high chance of many hurdles when delivering delivery orders effectively. From miscommunication between the customer and rider or between the customer and the restaurant, using a POS system can manage delivery orders better to be fulfilled without much trouble.

➜ Update your payment processing 

With a cloud-based POS system Malaysia,  you’ll find that there are endless payment methods that customers can use. The system will also successfully quicken your customer’s payment process and keep it safe.

Using a point-of-sale system is a vast upgrade to payment processing for any business. The system allows you to provide customers with a better and faster service, improving customer satisfaction.  With a POS system, your business can: 

How Can a POS System Improve Customer Service?

Add more payment methods

The options of payment methods are endless when you use an f&b pos system Malaysia. In fact, this system allows all transactions from credit cards to QR code scanning. A smooth and uninterrupted transaction will surely satisfy the customer with their entire experience.

The online alternative to credit card processing

In the current age of digitalisation, we always seek more alternatives to cash payments. Two of the few other options are credit cards and applications like PayPal. However, by applying a point of sale system Malaysia to your F&B businesses, your business will be able to stand out from the rest as your business includes all payment methods. In addition, customers will be amazed at all the various payment methods your business offers.

➜ Track business operation metrics

Utilizing a point-of-sale system can help collect business and customer information so that services can be analyzed in real-time, as data is a valuable tool for providing better customer service.

By applying a POS system, it will allow you to take advantage of some key features, which are:

Payment gets more accessible

Customers love it when employees can remember their go-to orders or past purchases. When the sales in your store are completed on a different platform, having the payment gateway integration feature will be helpful for employees to track and audit which platform your sales incomes are stored in. With this alternative, employees can be worry-free from running into undefined sales audit trails.

How Can a POS System Improve Customer Service?

Record inventory changes immediately.

If your business sells various physical products, managing inventory can be tricky. For example, if your inventory is not up to date, you may not have the products that customers are looking for in-store. Being able to track inventory virtually is a massive upgrade to a business as it saves employees the hassle of manually checking and updating the inventory. For instance, with this feature in hand, employees will be able to check if the item is in stock immediately and update the customer promptly about the product. 

➜ Initiate loyalty program 

Customer satisfaction is the most essential aspect of customer service, and implementing a loyalty program will definitely improve that. Many reliable POS systems offer loyalty programs to keep customers happy and give your business a good reputation with your customer loyalty. Other than that, you can:

Provide gift cards

POS systems have the option to provide gift cards to customers, which they can use at any time they like within your set regulations. Many F&B businesses highly favour gift cards as it can improve your connection with your customer and turn them into returning customers.

Customer loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are strong captors to attract customers and retain their purchasing behaviour. Special discounts, birthday offers, promotions or VIP services can be included in your loyalty program and managed by your POS system. Integrating a loyalty program into your service can help with customer satisfaction, mainly because it shows that you care about your frequent and returning customers and that your business takes pride in rewarding your active customers.

An example of a highly reputable POS System Malaysia is BigPOS. If you are interested, you should try out their services, mainly because they provide a free trial pos software Malaysia for 30 days, which you can check out here!

Continuous customer service improvement should always be a priority for businesses. Despite that, some or most of the managers in the F&B industries may not know how to improvise their services; upgrading to a pos system will be a great way to improve services.

What are you waiting for? Start revamping the customer service experience at your business with the help of a POS terminal machine Malaysia!

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If You Dream of Being a Cafe Owner, This is for You! (Pt.1) 

What does it mean to run a cafe?

What is a cafe?

A cafe isn’t just a place to grab a quick breakfast. It's somewhere cosy where you can go for a good cup of coffee and unwind with friends. If this is an ideal concept you would love to achieve, running a cafe might be the job for you. Take some time to think it over carefully. Your cafe could be a haven for like-minded people to meet up to unwind and have a great catch-up with their friends. 

Are you passionate?

Everybody can have dreams, but not all can achieve them. This is the same as running a cafe. You may have the interest, but nothing can guarantee your success in running it. Furthermore, knowing yourself plays a big part as well. You need to have a genuine passion for coffee and food. Can you offer your customers something unique? Having a passion means you’ll strive to learn more about how to create exciting new dishes as well as yummy coffee drinks.

Why should you open a cafe?

Do you dream of one day being completely free from financial restraints? Opening a cafe can bring you one step closer to achieving this independence. Gone are the days when you dread the mornings. You won’t need to push yourself into a job you dislike just to pay the bills but you can channel that energy toward your dream. Moreover, you can earn a living while doing what you love. However, you can’t start a cafe on a whim as you need to carry out some planning such as having a checklist of things to do before your dream becomes a reality. This includes scouting a location, finding suitable vendors and hiring workers. 


Everybody has their reasons for starting new chapters in life. What is yours for wanting to run a cafe? What are you trying to accomplish? The SMART acronym is an excellent tool for better understanding your goals and reasons. 


Make an effort to pinpoint your goal. It needs to be specific and able to answer solid questions like “what do I hope to accomplish?” Try to answer all the 5W questions (Who, What, When, Where, Why) to get the most precise picture of your goals. 


A measurable goal lets you track your progress and know how much further you need to go before reaching it. For instance, ‘How long will it take before I can expand my business?’


Your goal doesn’t need to be something incredibly challenging or so far-fetched to the point that there is no actual hope of succeeding. A reachable goal will motivate you to work hard to one day achieve it. 


You need to know if what you want to achieve is important. Is your goal relevant? Make sure your goal is worthwhile, and you can achieve it because you know you can and not because others want you to. 


Your goal needs to be reached at some point, it cannot go on forever. Set a date and work towards it. 

Have a Solid Business Plan

Your passion project is still a legitimate business where you can’t just go with the flow and hope that everything falls perfectly into place. Instead, you need to come up with the right business plan. It doesn't need to be long-winded, yet the plan needs to divert and direct your staff, investors, and partners where you want your business to go. The plan you come up with must be concise and straight to the point while giving the necessary information. Ensure to include important details such as target customers and menu items to sell in your cafe. Are you going to invest in a restaurant mobile payment system Malaysia and what would be a good one? You need to be sure of all the details, or you won’t be able to reassure your investors. 

Your location

The place you choose to set up your cafe can make or break your business. You need to make sure that it is accessible to your target customers. An excellent tip would be to settle on a strategic location accessible to your target market. An example of a perfect spot for a cafe would be close to a college campus. By doing that, your target audience can be students in the range of 17 and above.

Moreover, you need to ensure that there are few or better yet, no other cafes or places nearby that could compete with your business. With all that in mind, conduct market research to determine where your target customer and suppliers are for your business.  Ensure that a reputable coffee supplier is within range whenever you set up the shop. 

A good tip is to invest in a good cafe pos system malaysia. At the start, it’ll take some time for things to pick up, but if you do everything right then, it won’t take long before the business is booming. At that point, you’ll be glad that you made the right choice earlier on. A good pos system would take on tasks like Stock Management, Loyalty Programs, and Real-Time Reporting. It can help you expand your business while saving you money on numerous expenses. BigPOS is a perfect example of a company that provides a top-quality POS System Malaysia. They offer a 30-day free trial; you can learn more about them here!

Designing Your Cafe

The time has finally come to design your cafe. Most cafe owners would have said that this is fun because you get to bring your vision to life. When designing your cafe, always consider if this is something that customers would like. Softer shades are preferred over loud ones, and a cosy atmosphere attracts customers more than a stuffy one. 

Consider the menu design as well in terms of paper-thin, or as advanced as online menu qr where the customer just scans the QR code and places their order? While designing the cafe might be fun, make sure not to neglect the not-so-fun parts, such as getting the proper permits and licences. It won’t be so funny anymore when you’re fined or shut down the whole cafe just because you forgot to file some paperwork. In addition, make sure that you have valid licences for your business premise and to serve food. A liquor licence is a must if you plan to sell anything with alcohol. 

Now that you know what comes with your dream of running a cafe, go ahead and take that leap. These steps could bring you closer to a future of success. 

Start your cafe business off right with BigPOS F&B POS System now!

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If You Dream of Being a Cafe Owner, This is for You! (Pt.2)

Did your dreams not die off after seeing so much work to prepare if you run a cafe business? Well, you are good to keep on reading! 

Opening a business is never as easy as we think. It is because there are so many things you need to do and survey before starting a business. But it doesn’t mean it is not possible. If not, we won’t be seeing any cafes opening right now. Yet, it boils down to our previous article where we mentioned that we need to be passionate about doing something. In this context, it is to have a passion for coffee and food. There is never a shortcut to running an F&B business; therefore, you must be consistent once you have opened your business cafe. 

Suppose you are searching for software or help operating or advancing your business; in that case, you might want to consider getting it from BIG POS Malaysia as it offers a free trial pos system malaysia that will be an asset for your business. 

Once you are ready to open your own cafe, there are several things that you might need to consider:

1. Food delivery services

A food delivery service is recommended as not everyone can dine in freely at your cafe as transportation and busyness in life could be a stepping stone. Food delivery services allow people to order easily and save time. One of the most significant advantages of having a food delivery service is reaching more customers as it links to your phone or computer. 

Furthermore, you may need to include delivery charges for the riders. Including it in your budget is the best so you would know what to prepare if the worst things happen to your business. In that case, you need to limit the coverage of the delivery area within your cafe. To make it less hassle for your business, you can pair with excellent food delivery services such as FoodPanda, GrabFood and Shopee Food. Yet please ensure that you did some search before applying to any delivery service for your business as some food delivery services may not be available in some areas. 

2. Business Marketing

Marketing is vast to begin with, but it is one of the great techniques to consider for your F&B business. In this context, business marketing can significantly boost your business. Good marketing will create excellent brand awareness especially within your cafe location. 

Moreover, you must consistently promote your cafe till the launch of your cafe. You can market your cafe’s launch while offering discounts on the first day of your cafe’s opening. This will set a great impression and stir up interest in your customers. In addition, you can start marketing in social media accounts for engagement and traffic. This applies to all platforms from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok and Twitter. Ultimately, all things are possible, and you will be surprised if your cafe business goes viral! If you would like to increase your sales, you can check the point of sale system malaysia as they have a system that could enhance your sales. Once you have launched your cafe, don't forget to keep promoting your cafe.  

point of sale system malaysia

So what’s next?  

3. Staff hunting! 

Before taking staff in your business, you need to figure out a suitable operating system for your cafe. These are several operations that you may consider hiring or implementing. 


This position is required if you need assistance on the floor for you. He or she will assist you in paperwork or people management duties in the cafe. One of the requirements when you hire a manager is he or she has to be familiar with the F&B industries and know the operation management. To ensure your cafe is in tiptop management, you might want to consider getting stock management software Malaysia which offers various systems such as employee attendance system and tracking inventory updates to help ease your cafe’s operation. 

Kitchen staff

This is an indefinite must. Every F&B business requires kitchen staff to prepare food and beverages in your cafe. Hiring two or more kitchen staff will be able to help and speed up the process in terms of preparing and sending out the food to the customers. The number of kitchen staff can be estimated based on the size of your cafe business.  To make sure the ordering flow in your back kitchen runs smoothly, you can consider having BIG KDS software in your kitchen. BIG Kitchen Display System (BIG KDS) is built with long-life embedded components. You do not need to worry about placing it in your back kitchen as it can withstand excessive exposure to heat, humidity, grease and heavy use. This software is ideal as it helps you manage orders accordingly, thus avoiding missing or mistaken orders. The best part about BIG KDS is that the customers’ orders from the POS system can be directly sent to BIG KDS to alert the kitchen staff about the new orders coming in. 

Serving Staff

Serving staff, in other words, is server/waiter/waitress. They are required in all cafe businesses unless you are running your business like a fast food chain or a cloud restaurant. Regarding hiring, training needs to be made upon the staff such as table service, taking orders, turnover service after the meal and customer service. Besides, serving staff should always be alert of the cafe’s surroundings as the customers may require assistance while eating. In addition,  BIG Waiter App can help your serving staff to manage customers’ orders. This app would be handy if your customers plan to add on their orders. This will directly link to the kitchen once the order is sent out. 

4. Ensure great Customer Service

Having great customer service is also essential to maintaining your business’ reputation. One of the tips to ensure good customer service is always to brief your staff on behaviours. Treating your customers proper is crucial as it will drive more traffic. 

free trial pos system malaysia

5. Offer a Loyalty Program

Offering a loyalty programme will allow more visitation from your customers. One of the ways to execute this programme is to offer discounts for their second purchase or provide free food & beverage if your customer purchases an item or two at a particular hour at your cafe. To understand more about this programme, you can go to BIG POS Malaysia as they have a customer loyalty program that can gather customers' information and reward them based on their purchasing patterns and history. 

Hope these tips can help you while trying to open a cafe. If you want your business to run smoothly, you might consider having BIG POS Inventory Apps. Go and check their website now. 

Start your business with BIG POS Malaysia!

point of sale system malaysia

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Is Suggestive Selling Better Than Upselling?

Have you ever been to your favourite restaurant and sometimes found yourself listening to the waiter explaining the new dish of the day or add-ons you can try getting with your usual order? Isn’t this sound familiar to you as a customer? It turns out that’s usually part of their technique to attract customers like us, which is how they increase sales and achieve the month's target. If you’re in the F&B business, you can consider applying these techniques too!

Two of the main techniques they would often apply are:

  • Suggestive selling is where they would suggest to customers on selected best seller’s side dishes 
  • Upselling is where they would recommend a better version or quality of your current order.

What are suggestive selling and upselling?

Let’s break it down for a better understanding. First, suggestive selling refers to the act of suggesting to customers additional products before proceeding to purchase the main product chosen.  

For instance, have you noticed the menus suggesting different side dishes to go with your main dish? That’s what suggestive selling is. This technique allows you to recommend your customer to enhance their order or make their order worth the purchase. 

Also, the additional side dish will cost less than when they purchased it as a-la-carte. Hence, your customer will enjoy a complete order at an affordable price, and restaurant owners will also benefit from selling a few dishes in one order!

Upselling, on the other hand, refers to introducing customers to the betterment of or apart from their orders which will leave customers happy and satisfied. For instance, a waiter or waitress suggests you try a similar dish to your usual order; however, this presented dish is prepared with high-quality ingredients that leave you feeling content and satisfied. 

Again, it is entirely up to you to heed their suggestions, but that is one example of how upselling works in restaurants. So the question remains, is suggestive selling better than upselling? Let’s look at the benefits of suggestive selling applied in restaurants, then compare it with upselling to see which approach suits your F&B business.

qr menu ordering system malaysia

The Benefit of Suggestive Selling In Restaurants

Suggestive selling is also considered one of the best techniques when dealing with new customers. Why is this so? New customers need extra time and consideration when dining in a new cafe or restaurant. Hence, waiters and waitresses usually adopt suggestive selling strategies to introduce and recommend best-sellers.

Moreover, customers can choose highly suggested dishes that will maintain their satisfaction. At the same time, the waiter and waitresses will benefit from increasing the sales of the day. Hence, it's a win-win situation for both parties!

To pique customers with the suggestive selling method, you can consider opting a modern way to serve your customers with BigPOS!

As technology and the digital era continue to grow rapidly and expand, it is necessary to adapt to the digital changes in many businesses, including the F&B industry. One way you can adapt BigPOS in your F&B business is by including mobile pos for restaurants Malaysia

table ordering system for restaurants malaysia

By utilizing the mobile POS for restaurants, customers can access the menu by scanning the QR menu ordering system Malaysia that is usually provided on the table where they are seated. The benefits of the QR code and virtual menu are that customers can manage their orders systematically and immediately pay for them through the mobile pos. 

In other cases where customers decide to pay in cash after dining in, customers may do so at the payment counter. Managing customer orders has never been easier with a table ordering system for restaurants Malaysia. The table ordering system would receive customers' information via the QR menu ordering system and mobile pos and display it for the servers to manage payment at the payment counter. 

It promotes convenience and systematic order for both parties, and with BigPOS, you can run your restaurant a little bit easier now. 

Also, BigPOS offers a Loyalty Program that benefits customers AND owners alike!

It’s only fair to reward customers, especially regular customers, as they contribute to the sales and revenue of your booming business. Therefore, the Loyalty Program provides priority customer benefits, such as points collection, discounts, and many other benefits. 

The Loyalty Program works in a way that will be able to collect the customer’s information by tier; name, phone number and email address. From there, business owners like yourself can analyze and plan for future promotions or marketing campaigns to further boost your F&B business. All are possible by adapting BIG POS Analytic Apps in your industry. It’s convenient, consistent and strategic. Hence, it is highly recommended to give BigPOS Malaysia a try!

What about Upselling? Does it work in restaurants too?

It works too; however, the upselling technique is normally directed to regular or long-time customers. It promotes and introduces an upgraded version of the original menu while enhancing its dining experience. Upselling also helps to build a relationship with your customers, which eventually contributes to an increase in the customer’s loyalty to your business. 

New F&B business owner? Consider adapting suggestive selling and BigPOS to your business today.

As aforementioned, suggestive selling is recommended for new business owners, as you will be dealing with many new customers. Therefore, to avoid overwhelming them with an expensive menu and sloppy customer service, it is better to prep yourself with the right technique and adapt BIGPOS Malaysia is better as it helps enhance your business experiences.  

Check out the BIGPOS Malaysia website for more information and inquiries on starting your business with the right equipment and software. 

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What Will Restaurants in Malaysia Look Like in 5 Years?

The world is starting to increasingly become digital. We can see that technology is now present in practically every field. Human life changes as a result of their presence, one of which is the way people eat. Aside from making our lives easier, technology is always interesting and evolving. Some of the things we can see are that payment methods that were formerly done with cash can now be done in a variety of ways. Nowadays we can see while we want to eat, the food is frequently ordered by a Restaurants POS System Malaysia and delivered by a clever robot rather than a waiter.

What Are The Important Roles of Technology Inside The Food and Beverage Business?

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, practically all business sectors in Malaysia, including the food and beverage sector, were affected. One option for restaurant operators is to use technology to survive in the midst of this pandemic. Technology now assists, not only with ordering food, but also with payment transactions, stock monitoring, and calculating profit and loss.

Many company executives have sensed a lot of benefits from using technology such as the restaurant management systems in Malaysia based on the data acquired. These advantages include improved revenue counts, the ability to track consumer loyalty, and being more environmentally responsible.

What is the Evidence of the Impact of Technology in the Food And Beverage Business?

According to the article “Latest Restaurant Technology Trends You Need to Know About”, POS systems can simply enhance sales outcomes. Customers can have a terrific experience using digital technology, but the supporting infrastructure must be established as part of the restaurant design and plan. Restaurants may now communicate information across multiple platforms thanks to technological advancements. As a result, while starting a new business, you will require a large amount of data. Here are some examples of this sophistication:

The Presence of QR Code Menu for Ordering

The totally contactless presentation of the menu is one of the benefits of the QR Code Menu system, which is a vital service that all businesses may appreciate. Many consumers are careful to obey social distancing standards and avoid touch, especially as a result of the present epidemic. To aid the situation, many businesses have created free qr menus, eliminating their physical ones. With the presence of this system in the food and beverage world, clients can easily use their smart gadgets and scan the  QR code ordering system Malaysia, which are one of the many features of the BIGPOS system. An advantage of this is that restaurants can make use of their  waiters' times more efficiently.

qr code menu ordering malaysia

Cashless Payments Method

Payment technology is rapidly expanding, and transactions are becoming more convenient. Various non-cash payments exist, particularly due to the Covid-19 epidemic. We undoubtedly gain more from the availability of cashless payments.

Transactions are more closely associated with the use of money. The value of the exchange of goods and services that occurs between the seller and the buyer is shown with the currency value during the process. Financial transactions are becoming increasingly obsolete as technology advances. As we progress, a variety of Restaurant Online Payment System Malaysia methods are in use and expanding rapidly. Of course, this will have an impact on the community's established business lines.

BIG POS systems in food and beverage are frequently shown in the form of QR codes, bank cards, e-wallets, and so on. This indicates that big sums of money will be carried in our wallets less frequently in the future. Perhaps they only need to bring a card or a device. With the new technology, the payment will be completed with just one wave (in some cases).

restaurant management system malaysia

Using Cloud Management Software

Inventory management is an issue for every firm that sells tangible things to customers, including restaurants. In fact, accurate inventory tracking is critical for accurately accounting for food prices and projecting future sales and orders. Most small business owners, such as independent restaurants, handle all elements of the business themselves. It saves time and money to have a restaurant management system that allows you to automate the most complex activities.

No More Conventional Waiters

As the endemic time approaches, entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry, particularly restaurants, offer services to make customers feel safe, comfortable, and at peace. Some restaurants improve service by utilizing advanced robot technology, one of which robots are used to deliver food and beverage orders, similar to a waitress. In the future, robot waiters will be more beneficial to the food and beverage industries. Their presence will add to the restaurant's attractiveness and will assist the chefs in delivering their meals to customers.

Robots have been invented to aid many people's actions and activities, one of which is in the field of labor, where this robot surely performs the functions of a worker that are generally performed by humans. The benefits of using robots as workers include being more efficient and avoiding human errors.

online menu qr code malaysia


In brief, the point of sale, commonly known as POS, is a system used to conduct retail sales transactions, one of which is also utilized in the food and beverage industry. A POS system is made up of both software and hardware, which is typically in the form of computers, printers, and cash registers or cash registers.

In this day and age of advanced technology, desktops are being phased out in favor of smart tablets that run the Android operating system. Tablet use, in addition to being more efficient, is also more compact because it does not require a large area and does not require cables or wireless. And it can be said that POS has a big opportunity in the future.

Beside that, technology is always evolving. Based on their position in the restaurant industry, it may be argued that BIG POS will combine with ordinary life in the future. It is undeniable that the advent of this technology will make living more joyful.


Step Into The Future With These Payment Methods

Do you get stuck at the counter because you don’t have cash with you? Or are there no ATMs nearby? We are well aware of how everything has been rapidly changing and evolving around technology and the Internet usage nowadays. It is very common to do almost everything online, especially since the world has been shaken by the existence of Covid-19 leaving all of restaurants and retails shops accepting mostly cashless transactions. In fact, it is more vital to do almost everything online in order to avoid direct contact with each other especially when it comes to payment or transactions and that where  small business pos system Malaysia come in. 

The Impacts Of Technology Usage In Payment Methods

ecommerce point of sale malaysia

As the Covid-19 pandemic era has passed, we can see how the majority of us are still sticking to this kind of lifestyle that widely uses online payment and transactions in almost all businesses. Furthermore, it is undeniable that this rapid innovation of technology usage actually does have good impacts to ensure everything is in line with the modern era that we are living in. It has become more efficient and fast compared to the old method of payment. The closest we could see from these changes is through the restaurant online payment system Malaysia where nowadays other than the cash payment that we are used to, we have several methods to be done with any payments or transactions processes. 

The Community Acceptance of This New Innovation of Payment Method

It is an open secret that not every generation could easily adapt with this new innovation of payment methods, especially the older generations. However, there are several ways and methods that have been invented to deal with this cashless system as choices. This is helpful for those who are still struggling or not clear with how online payment such as how fund transfer works. Generally, we can see that a majority  of the people in the communities are fine with this kind of new payment and still are using it up till now. The amazing part is that BIGPOS makes everything much simpler.

QR Pay/ E-Wallet Payment Method 

pos system malaysia

Online payment and transactions systems have invented several types of online payments to be in line with how technology is developing around us. You could see that instead of using your online banking and struggling with the username, pin and also recognizing the account number, you can now proceed the payment easily with QR Pay/E-Wallet. QR Pay is easier to use because all you need is access to your bank account  (e.g. Maybank, Bank Islam, CIMB), or ewallets like Boost, GrabPay, Shopee and scan the QR code from the given code by the premises to pay. 

In this case, all kinds of businesses could actually use pos system Malaysia to smoothen and have a more efficient way in handling the payment processes. BIGPOS helps any businesses that are using these kinds of payments by calculating all the day to day money transactions. This is where you can rely on BIGPOS to manage and handle all of these.

Wave Pay Payment Method

retail and services pos system malaysia

The development of technologies in this era have succeeded in inventing another easy payment method by using your bank card. Instead of using a pin number to actually pay from your bank account, you can now just tap your card to the debit machine and the process of payment will be done. This is simpler compared to the only old payment method that we used to use back then.

It also made the business or transactions more accurate and efficient compared to cash. Where sometimes busineess’ owners had to deal with the “cash short” that happened in business if it involved cash. Not to mention how this kind of payment method no longer existed in restaurants and cafes only, but it is also being used in big business such as retails and hotels. Hence, a cashless payment method is the better way.

Online Banking Payment Method

cafe pos system malaysia

Next, the online banking payment method. It is common to see that most people nowadays would have access and use their online banking almost everywhere even at groceries shops, shopping malls and also small stalls at the roadside. They can also use BIGPOS, as  there are services for the small business pos system malaysia too.

This kind of payment could be a little bit time consuming, but somehow is the easiest if you left your wallet at home without any cash and have no other way to make a payment or transaction. This is why it still can be considered as a simple payment method.

ApplePay Payment Method

small business pos system malaysia

Lastly, the ApplePay payment method. The ApplePay payment method has been circulating around and was finally made available in Malaysia since last August. This kind of payment is available with three banks: AmBank, Standard Chartered, and Maybank.  

This could be considered as the simplest method because it only requires you to keep your bank details in the built-in Wallet app in your iOS devices. Not to mention where it takes only validating your Face ID or the Touch ID only to proceed with the payments. It might sound similar to the online banking payment method, but it is in a way much simpler just with a phone and using waves for the payment. 


To conclude, all of these newer payment methods indeed make all businesses and transactions more simple. This is in line with the modern technology era that we are living in which greatly facilitates digital payment methods. However, to smoothen and enhance the processes of this online payment method, it is easier with BigPOS’ Unified E-Payment Solution. This is due to the complete and seamless handling management to ensure that the particular business can keep track with the sales record and audit the sales income sources specifically. This is an excellent technique to guarantee that company flow is in trustworthy hands. 


5 Ways You Can Save Time Using a POS

As time goes on, the technology of developing and running a business is constantly being innovated. This technological innovation is beneficial to the business, and the most fundamental reason is that it helps to save a lot of money in the business operation. For restaurant businesses or retailers in Malaysia, a restaurant pos system Malaysia or a retail and services pos system Malaysia will be a great help for them in their daily tasks. From saving time counting inventory to saving actual cash, replacing the cash registers in traditional business operations with machines loaded with a POS (Point of Sale) system will provide many money-saving solutions for these business operators. Five ways that POS systems can help you save time and effort in your business are discussed in this article. To begin we shall dive into what POS is and how it works..

What is POS (Point of Sale)?

POS, also known as Point Of Sale, is a system used to complete retail transactions in actual business situations. When customers purchase goods or services in your store, POS machines can help customers complete payment procedures, complete a transaction, and track sales. This is one of the main uses of POS. In addition, POS can also play an effective role in different areas of retail and restaurant business operations, such as statistics on sales of goods, management of inventory, tracking of customer purchase behavior, etc.

Five Ways You Can Save Time Using a POS

1. Reduce Error

restaurant pos system malaysia

In the traditional retail industry, business operators did not have an accurate tool to keep track of the cash inflow and cash outflow of their stores. Therefore, they could only rely on cash books for record keeping which can be risky and inefficient. If an employee misses a transaction, the store's accounting records can be flawed. In addition, if an employee has an ulterior motive and secretly takes away the store's profits, the store operator will lose money. Moreover, there is a good chance that the store operator will not find out the truth about the employee's theft if each working day is very busy.

In this case, the function of POS machines comes into play. The POS machine system will record each transaction in real-time, its product details, the time of the transaction, the amount of the transaction, and generate reports to give the operator a more comprehensive understanding of his business sales and revenue to make business decisions. This undoubtedly increases the efficiency of store operations and reduces the number of errors that can occur in business. In addition, if an employee steals money, the owner can easily find out the truth. 

2. Streamline Employee Operations

retail and services pos system malaysia

POS systems offer a lot of conveniences to store operators and simplify and reduce the stress of the employees who work in the stores in all aspects of the store. In terms of collecting customer payments, POS systems can accept cash, e-wallets, checks, credit cards, debit cards, etc. all in the same system. This greatly simplifies the training time for employees, making it possible for store employees to be trained quickly and be ready to serve customers. In addition, the simplification of equipment operation can also train employees to better serve customers without having to be constantly busy with mundane matters such as manually accounting for cash and counting inventory. All of these things can be left to the POS system.

In addition, for employers, POS systems can also help them create staffing schedules and manage the hours of all employees.

3. Inventory Management

buy point of sale system malaysia

With the inventory management POS system Malaysia, employers can also easily calculate the number of items left in the store and automate the entire inventory management system. This allows employers to make a general analysis of their store's sales and to make stocking decisions.

This would be a long, complicated, and tedious task if left to human hands. But left to the POS machine system, inventory management can be solved quickly. This frees up staff time and increases their productivity. It allows them to focus on their service-related duties. In addition, through POS's automated inventory management system, employers are also able to automatically reorder any missing items in the store.

4. Customer Loyalty Management

buy pos system malaysia

POS systems allow store operators to create a customer database and keep track of customer information. Capturing customer information and providing benefits in the form of discounts, points, and benefits, will deepen the customer's impression of the store and stimulate them to come back more often, thus creating a loyal customer base. This is an effective and convenient way to manage customer loyalty. Take BIGPOS for example, their POS machines help you collect customer information by tier. Compared to the past when you had to call or text every single customer, POS machines save employers and employees a lot of time and increase productivity. In addition, employers can use the BIGPOS application to analyze whether the marketing campaign is effective for their customers.

5. Go Green

inventory management pos system malaysia

Everything about the operation of the POS system is machine-based and digital. This paperless operation is very environmentally friendly. Firstly, it promotes environmental protection as the paperless operation reduces demand for paper in the store, which leads to less production and less trees being cut down, hence preserving the environment.  Secondly, going paperless makes it unnecessary for stores to print menus. This undoubtedly saves store operators money.


POS machines help save a lot of time, and money. It has helped a lot in day-to-day operations in inventory management, reducing errors, customer loyalty management, and streamlining employee operations, etc. A POS system is undoubtedly very important for store operators. As a store operator in Malaysia, if you need to buy a POS machine to make your business operation easier, BIGPOS have exactly offered what you need!


Retail Technology You Need Now!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of us have chosen to use online technology for nearly everything, including payments, adverts, product promotions, and many other activities. With that in mind, companies are developing hardware and software to make the lives of retail store owners easier and more manageable.

The technology that supports the retail and service sectors should offer smooth, quick, and user-friendly processes. A fine example of a retail technology that could provide this type of process is the retail and services POS system Malaysia. So, if you’re an entrepreneur who has yet to take the opportunity to use the ever-modern technology to its fullest extent, then, let’s learn more about them. 

Why is Technology Important?

retail and services pos system malaysia

Technology is important for the growth and sustainability of your business, especially how most individuals now have accustomed themselves to it in this post-pandemic era. With its many capabilities and features, it’s not hard to utilize them.

Whether you’re working in the fast food industry, sitting in your cubicle at your 9-5 job, or educating children at school, most work nowadays uses technology. Every task and responsibility can be dealt with with the assistance of technology. There are no exceptions and limitations to where technology can provide its service. In the retail industry, you’d benefit a lot from the help of modern technology as well. 

Technology is adaptable and powerful. In light of this, it is simple to use and easy to optimize. Aside from that, since human error is decreased, it is also more effective than people. Technology also doesn't experience stress or burnout, which relieves strain on human workers. Data loss is not a concern as well because technology is able to handle a large amount of data by storing and backing it up.

Are you convinced yet that technology can help you out in your retail business? Let’s find out what technologies you need for your store.

1. Touch Screen POS Systems

pos system malaysia

Are you using a traditional cash register? As mentioned, modernity is an ever-flowing wave, hence, keep in mind that most individuals now, youths mostly, opt to make orders, make payments online, or card transactions with a simple touch. Processes should be fast because people nowadays are moving with speed. 

One of the best ways to provide quick and easy service is by using a POS system Malaysia in your retail store. 

By setting up a POS system, your customers are able to order, and complete transactions online, and as a result, you are able to generate revenue as well.  The POS system is effective, hence, advertisements through the POS system are possible as well. 

You may advertise your promos and discounts to your consumers as they pay with the POS system, which will encourage them to make more purchases. Apart from that, you are also able to conduct automated tasks; POS systems also provide services such as generating real-time data and reports, managing your inventory, and many more. Additionally, you get to streamline day-to-day business deals such as accounting, inventory, and much more. 

2. Cashless Payment

inventory management pos system malaysia

Apart from a touch-screen POS system, a cashless payment system is what most customers expect in retail businesses today. It is a well-known POS system in Malaysia.

Most individuals today opt to carry small wallets that often only have space for essential cards; such as identification cards, business cards, bank cards, and so on. They no longer have cash in their wallets to save space in their bags. As a result, their bags will be lighter and they don’t have to carry so many items in their pockets. In fact, 6 out of 10 Malaysians today prefer contactless payments.

Other alternative banks have provided QR codes in banking apps to make payments faster and easier. Hence, many people have opted to utilize this method as well. Additionally, with the release of Apple pay, individuals choose to use this method to make their payments as well. So cashless payment should be one of the essential payment methods retail businesses should provide now. 

Employing this method wouldn’t totally eliminate the usage of cash, it gives you more options to receive money other than cash. e-Commerce has taken up a large part in our checkout processes. 

After the pandemic, most individuals want to prevent unnecessary physical contact, so by making use of a POS system, customers are assured about their hygiene. It’s super fast and convenient. Some notable popular payment methods available today include:

  • GrabPay
  • TNG eWallet
  • Boost
  • Credit / Debit Card
  • Online Banking

So it’s never too late to offer cashless payment to your customers.

3. Mobile Inventory System

ecommerce point of sale malaysia

An inventory management POS system Malaysia would do the trick, especially while online transactions are the new trend. With the assistance of a mobile inventory system, you are able to check available stock anywhere from any location. There’s no need to visit warehouses, call up one of your warehouses, or call up different departments to check each product’s availability - the inventory system is able to help you keep up with your stocks. 

Additionally, the mobile inventory system also provides a feature where you are able to update everything in the system whenever there are any changes. With that in mind, you get to update your prices centrally which makes it much more convenient for you and your employees. The system also helps you calculate discounts and promotions automatically. 

Fret no more about the hassle of contacting and traveling to your headquarter - everything is at the tip of your hands and you only need to click and done!

To conclude, technology helps improve the retail process and opens up stores to e-commerce opportunities. BigPOS provides the infrastructure and software to make this possible. 

So wait no longer, and get your BigPOS system for your retail and service business now! 

Do you know about a seamless POS system for Malaysia company? 

Optimize your POS system now!

retail and services pos system malaysia

BIGPOS provides empowerment to your retail business

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Streamline Your Restaurant Services using a Mobile POS System in Malaysia

mobile inventory management system malaysia

Smart POS Machine is a new concept product compared to traditional POS. Its main functions are to track and monitor sales report, manage inventory/stock, manage multiple outlets in one platform and so on. The advent of BIG POS machines has greatly increased various types of credit card payments, especially those used in food and beverage outlets, large shopping centers, clothing stores, logistics industry, mobile vendors, beauty salons, royal offices, department stores and other industries in our BIGPOS System. Here are three strategies that operators can use to shorten wait times, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales:

Give servers the ability to accept orders from anywhere.

When the counters are crowded, customers can use QR Menu Ordering to place orders. Mobile point of sale system in real time synchronization system to continuously collect all information, so they can take orders wherever they are and serve clients quickly and effectively. In addition, mobile POS keeps the lines of communication open between the server, kitchen and bar so that everyone can get instant updates when a dish is ready to be picked up or when a dish is finished. Or customers can use an alternative application, namely the BIG Waiter App which allow waiters to connect to main POS system with their personal/work smartphone to take orders.

Allow for simpler methods of paying the bill

Lining up to pay delays other customers from placing their orders when customers are ready to settle their accounts, which increases the likelihood that they may become upset and leave. Customers can pay when they finish ordering what they want to eat and can directly pay online for example via grabpay and touch n go. So they can pay directly without queuing at the checkout and customers can get out of the restaurant directly.  

Higher job satisfaction

Sending orders back to the kitchen and bar is made simpler for servers using a BIGPOS thanks to the user-friendly UI. Additionally, it removes the necessity for carrying order pads and pencils, lessens foot traffic, and clears congestion.

A reliable restaurant POS system is the difference between a coffee shop and a restaurant that feels like a disorganized open market where customers enjoy the convenience of ordering remotely from their mobile phone.

As you can see by now, the modern restaurant business is more than just dining. In other words, your success depends not only on the type of dishes you offer to your customers, but also on your mobile inventory management system malaysia.

And that's where POS systems for restaurants come in. This is the only app you need at a food truck, coffee shop, fast food outlet, or restaurant to coordinate the entire business. In addition to inventory management, you should be able to coordinate customer orders, process payments, track all restaurant elements, and even manage your staff from the point of sale system.

Here are five strategies to train your restaurant to utilize a new POS efficiently if you are thinking about switching or have already done so:

Train staff directly on the new POS system

To aid store personnel in becoming familiar with their systems, many POS vendors include video lectures and illustrated product documentation. Consider training to carry out a credit card purchase. Although a step-by-step video instruction may offer a helpful overview of the procedure, many people discover that carrying out the procedure themselves is a much more effective approach to learn.

mobile pos for restaurants malaysia

Give staff access to historical POS data

Some retail personnel may be concerned that they may lose access to past sales data, customer profiles, and other crucial information even if a new POS system is simpler to use than a store's existing system. Assure employees that the new POS system will import all of their customer and sales data from the previous one.

Complete some real transactions

Many businesses give their personnel the chance to test out some transactions on the new POS system after the system has been installed and old sales data has been imported. This often entails regular procedures like handling refunds and exchanges or making a transaction utilizing a variety of payment methods.

Give employees enough time to acclimate

Both switching to a new POS system and teaching store personnel how to use it can be difficult. The less time staff has to get accustomed to the new POS and learn how to use it, the greater the likelihood that mistakes will be made when the system goes live.

Allow adequate time for training so that workers may acquire the muscle memory needed to use common features and complete activities. The more time employees spend practicing completing transactions and utilizing a new technology and workflow, the more at ease they'll likely be in actual consumer interactions. This results in quicker, easier transactions, fewer errors, and contented customers.

Features in POS BIG POS

  • BIG POS has an business reporting system which collects all data every day, and also analyzes and reports information.
  • The BIG POS employee management system provides assistance by speeding up work for employees. Not only that, BIG POS System can give access to business owner to monitor and track staff’s performance. Last but not least, it also provides analysis and sales data in real time. As a bonus, this management system also takes employee attendance and attendance report for your employee.
  • This system has a responsive cloud system that is very efficient in data backup, not only that, BIG POS also has other systems such as Unified E-payment Solution, Promotion Management and Customer Loyalty Program, Smart QR Menu Ordering System to make it easier to interact with customers.


In conclusion, beyond taking inventory, monitoring what you need to buy less from more of, for that object managing inventory can save your company time and money. Additionally, QR Menu ordering using a POS system can increase sales while saving you and your customers a lot of time.

With so many systems and features, of course it still has weaknesses. If one day the Internet has a mess or goes down, BIG POS is able to work without internet and the data can be sync-ed again once connection is established. That's why we need to use mobile pos system malaysia.

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